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During the sixties Mohamad Ali Jawad discovered his passion for keeping bees and operated with a successful apiary business of 150 hives after this he realised an opportunity and opened a shop to sell beekeeping equipments.


When Mohamad Ali Jawad passed away in 2003 and now his sons Amer and Samer jawad are operating the company with a successful work, growing every year and making the best by covering the Lebanese market with all beekeeper needs from equipments and products. 

Local exposition


Local exposition


Artificial insemination

With Chinese beekeeper


- Members in the association of beekeepers in south Lebanon

- Members in the cooperative of beekeepers in south Lebanon

- Visiting the international congress Apimondia Ireland   2005.

- Visiting the international congress Apimondia Australia   2007.

- Participate in local expos 2006- 2007-2008.

- Curse in artificial insemination Queen bees with Gilles Fert.

- Curse in bees deceases .

- Visiting the international congress Apimondia France 2009.


Apimondia Australia



With Quarti in Apimondia 2007


With presedente of Apimondia 2005

With Thomas in Apimondia 2005

Apimondia France


Apimondia France 2009

infront Le Corum


With Quarti in Apimondia

France 2009

With Mr. Barrier

Thomas Company France 2009

With Swienty company Apimondia 2009

Apiaries in Avignon


With Ickowicz in the extracting honey room